Role of Yoga and Meditation for Holistic Health

Herbal Mystique conducts  FREE Yoga and Meditation workshops on Sunday mornings at 10 am at their Brampton office. Everyone is welcome but due to space constraints we can accomodate only 7 participants and we recommend that you write to to book your spot in advance.

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Yoga is an important component of Herbal Detoxification of the Body which is recommended once a year to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally. This is especially important for the people with fast paced stressful lifestyles with sedentary habits.

Herbal Oil Body Massages are also recommended for anyone practising Yoga to improve flexibility. Since Massage Therapists cost a lot, Herbal Mystique has developed a procedure where you can do the Massage yourself and get the benefit very economically which we call as ” Massage Yoga* “.

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YOGA for Dosha balancing MEDITATION for Dosha Balancing

What is Yoga? Is it an exercise for fitness? Is sweating good in Yoga? Is there a benefit of doing Yoga in hot rooms? Which Yoga should I follow – Raj Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga with names of people associated with it? Which one is the real Yoga? How will Yoga benefit me? What is the ultimate aim of Yoga? Is there a simple way to understand Yoga? Can I do Yoga in 30 minutes? Where can I learn Yoga? What is Dosha Balancing?

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What is meditation? How will it benefit me? I hear about many types of Meditations, which one is the best? Is it true that Meditation can cure physical ailments? Do I have to attend a course to learn meditation? Can I practice meditation at home?

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