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Neem Acne Spot cream has been hailed as the best spot treatment for pimples due to its quick drying action on acne or pimples.

Acne or pimples are a result of bacterial infection of the oil producing glands in the skin. This typically happens during puberty when the sebacious or the oil glands start producing excess oil. When the dead skin plugs the pores and the oil is not able to find an outlet, it accumulates under the skin and gets inflamed. Bacterial infection causes pus formation. Hormonal disturbances caused by reasons other than puberty are also important factor to consider while treating acne.

It is very important to treat the bacterial infection and the inflammation immediately as if left untreated, it may cause permanent scarring of the skin. Inflammation and pus formation also creates irritation and one tends to touch it, scratch it or worse, try to press it to release the pus. This causes further spread of the infection and injury at the site of the acne. This injury leads to scar formation.

Neem herb

Neem herb

At such times one should use the best spot treatment for pimples such as the Neem Acne Spot Cream which has a combination of Neem, Tea tree and benzoyl peroxide to immediately start attacking the bacterial infection and reduce the swelling. You will notice that just with one application, your acne would shrink to half the size overnight. Of course results would vary depending on individual conditions. The Neem Acne Spot Cream has been hailed as the best spot treatment for pimples because it contains Aloe vera that soothes the irritated skin around the acne and helps it repair quickly.

Ingredients : Neem (Azadirachta indica), Tea tree oil, Benzoyl peroxide, Aloe vera

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