Ayurveda Pitta Hair Oil with Bhringaraj and Nili

Ayurveda Pitta hair oil is recommended in conditions of aggravated Pitta Dosha in the head.

Excellent for –

  • people suffering from Hot sweaty scalp
  • hair growth and prevent Hair loss
  • premature greying

Ingredients :
Nili, Bhringaraja, Satakratulata, Dhatriphala, Yashti, Gunja, Ajakshira, Nalikerakshira, Mahishikshira, Dhenukshira, Anjanam  in Coconut Oil.

Directions : Take required quantity of Ayurveda Pitta oil and apply to the scalp. Spread oil with fingers and massage the scalp. Keep the oil on for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. For best results leave it on for as long as possible.

Avoid contact with eyes.  Apply once daily preferably in the day time. Call (647) 274-9770  or write to for more information.
Test on a small patch of skin before massaging all over. Stop use if you experience any allergy.

Text : Sahasrayogam


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