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Ayurveda Kapha Oil for body massage is recommended for reducing Kapha dosha in the body. It is a very effective treatment for Weight loss along with diet and exercise.

“Kapha oil from Herbal Mystique is very effective…. looks and smells so authentic … it is not expensive and ships fast…I also use their hair oil”
– Krystina

Directions for use : Warm 30 – 50 ml oil and apply to the body in the morning or in the day time. Rub the oil on the skin till it is partly absorbed. Wipe or wash off the oil after massage. Using Herbal Mystique Ayurvedic Body Scrub to wash off the oil would prevent excess drying of the skin and leave you with a soft and warm feeling.

Ingredients :
Elayugma, Turushka, Kushta, Phalini, Mamsi, Jala, Dhyamaka, Sprikka, Choraka, Chocha, Patra, Tagara, Sthauneya, Jati, Rasa, Sukti, Vyaghranakha, Amaravha, Srivasaka, Chanda, Guggulu, Devadhupa, Kapura, Punnaga, Nagahva, Keriksheeram, Kunkumam in Sesame Oil.

Text : Ashtangahridayam

Test on a small patch of skin before massaging all over the body. Stop use if you experience any allergy.

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  1. Shail

    Excellent oil for weight loss and cellulite

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