Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care Products that work and are amazingly economical!

Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care ProductsAyurvedic Skin & Hair Care Products made from pure and authentic Ayurvedic herbs using modern technology to make them effective and easy to use.
– Neem Gel – a multi-use product good for oil balancing, oily skin moisturizing, skin clearing, fighting acne, soothing after waxing or sun burn and for dandruff
– Aloe Turmeric Cream – Moisturizer for Combination, Acne prone, Normal and Oily skin with healing Turmeric, antiseptic Calendula and nourishing Aloe vera
– Ultra Rich Hydrator with Gotu kola – moisturizer for Dry to Normal skin with super hydrating and anti-aging properties. Contains Gotu kola, Ginkgo, Amla and
many other Ayurvedic herbs
– Orange Citrus Burst Cleanser and Scrub
– Argan Hibiscus Hair revitalizer – leave in revitalizing tonic for the scalp with Argan and Hibiscus extracts. Reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth and improves hair quality
– Fortifying Hair Oil – 100 % Natural Ayurvedic hair oil to stop hair loss

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