The 1 most important thing to remember about Hair styling gels

Hair styling products have been popular amongst men for a long time now. There are different hair styling gels ranging from ones that cause extreme hardening to those which just give a wet look. From creamy gels which are high in oil to plain water based gels. Most gels have a lot of artificial ingredients added to them which could be harmful for the hair and may lead to Hair loss.

In today’s environment where hair loss is a common occurrence attributed to pollution, stress and other environmental problems, more and more people are looking for Hair styling gels which have mild holding power and are Safe. Hair gels which do not cause hair loss!

In such a situation, imagine having a hair gel which styles your hair and actually helps improve your hair, both the looks and its health. A hair gel which will stop hair loss and stimulate new growth. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Herbal Mystique offers just the product you are looking for –

Hair Growth Argan Hibiscus Gel

The Unique Mild Hair Styling Gel with hair tonic with the goodness of Hibiscus, Argan and Aloe vera

Hair Growth Argan Hibiscus Gel

  • Is Alcohol free
  • has natural ingredients – Aloe vera and Jaswand or Hibiscus – a known hair tonic in Ayurveda the Indian herbal science, for 5000 years
  • is Non-flaking
  • Improves hair quality, improves hair health;

Research has shown that Hibiscus flower extract –

  1. helps in hair follicle development and growth
  2. is beneficial in Alopecia
  3. helps hair quality,
  4. reduces split ends
  5. slows premature greying

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