How to treat acne naturally?

Acne or pimples are a result of bacterial infection of the oil producing glands in the skin. This typically happens during puberty when the sebacious or the oil glands start producing excess oil. When the dead skin plugs the pores and the oil is not able to find an outlet, it accumulates under the skin and gets inflamed. Bacterial infection causes pus formation. Hormonal disturbances caused by reasons other than puberty are also important factor to consider while treating acne.

What is the need to know how to treat acne naturally?

There a thousands of low cost products made with cheap synthetic chemicals in the market which claim to treat acne and they may be effective in some cases. The question is whether they are doing it safely and without side effects. Stories of people using such products and developing allergies or discomfort or worse, damaging their skin with scars and pigmentation, are not uncommon. Some of the ingredients you have to watch out for are SLS, SLES, Glycols, artificial fragrances, paraben, paraffin and other comedogenic substances. Some ingredients may cause immediate problems while others may be absorbed and accumulate to cause bigger problems in the future.

But it is not always possible to prepare your own natural skin care mixtures at home. Products made with natural herbal ingredients which have been tried and tested are a relatively safer choice.

So how to treat acne naturally or with natural products? 

  • Remove excess oil using an appropriate facial cleanser – The natural oils produced by the skin are necessary for its well being and maintenance of pH and using harsh detergents such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) or SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) damage the skin cells which depleting the skin of oils completely. Most of the clear cleansers available in the market have SLS / SLES and are not advisable. There are many natural substances available such as yogurt, orange peel / oil, gram flour, papaya, ayurvedic herbs such as Amla, etc., which can be used to prepare a good cleanser for acne prone skin.

Orange Cleanser


Herbal Mystique Orange Citrus Burst Cleanser with Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a herbal cleanser which cleanses the skin gently.

  • Scrub the dead skin cells (which lead to plugging of the pores) using a gentle exfoliator.
  • Treat the bacterial infection using an anti-bacterial agent


Neem Gel



  • Soothe the inflammation and skin irritation with an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent.





  • Improve the overall health of the skin using a Skin nourisher

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