What is Holistic Skin Care?

Holistic skin care (and hair care) perceives the different parts of the body, mind, emotions and the external influences of the environment as interconnected with an effect on the overall health of the person and ultimately, the skin and hair. Herbal Mystique follows the principles of Ayurveda, the oldest Holistic Health science in the world.

Apart from gentle, safe and environment friendly skin and hair care products, Herbal Mystique also offers products that would help nurture ‘beauty from within’, such as detoxification products, body and head massage oils, energy balancing supplements, courses & consultation on Panchakarma, Yoga and Meditation.

5 reasons people love Herbal Mystique Natural Products

Herbal Mystique surveyed users to understand why they used Herbal Mystique and ELYZE products. Here is the summary of their responses :

  1. Natural, gentle and safe
    All the surveyed users loved the fact that the products are Natural, some are 100% Natural while the others are close to 100% natural. What they liked the most was that all products were gentle, hypoallergenic and safe. All the products are free of Paraben, Paraffin (mineral oil), PEG and Phthalates. All products are 100% vegetarian and there is no animal testing done. Many ingredients are pure Organic and Ecocert certified. There are no artificial colors or dyes added to Herbal Mystique Natural Products.
  2. Unique formulations that give quick resultsHolistic Skin Care
    Users strongly felt that the Herbal Mystique formulations are unique and not “me too” products. They also felt that most products show results in the time specified.
  3. Economical
    Herbal Mystique Natural Products users said all our products offered “value for money”. Compared to equivalent products, they saved between 10 – 50 % by using Herbal Mystique natural products, while getting equivalent or higher benefits.
  4. Ingredients approved by Health Canada
    Herbal Mystique uses only those ingredients that have been approved and certified by Health Canada to be safe for human use. Herbal Mystique users can fully trust the safety of all the products. All ingredients are listed on every product with their common and scientific names to make it easy for the consumers to understand what they are using.
  5. Delightful, pleasing and easy to use Natural Products
    Users liked the texture and feel of the products. They liked the easy spreadability of the creams and the fact that it did not sit on the skin. Most products have mild pleasing fragrance and are very well tolerated. Most products are packed in ‘airless bottles’ which use modern technology to keep the freshness and efficacy of the product sealed in so you get the same good results till the last drop.