Yoga Massage or Massage Yoga is a unique fusion of  Yoga and Herbal Oil Body Massage to get the synergistic benefit of both activities. In our modern day busy lives, it is sometimes difficult to find time to do Exercise, Yoga and Massage separately, which would take more than an hour, not including the time required to travel to the location. Just 15 minutes of Massage Yoga a day can help you achieve true and lasting health.

Yoga Massage with Ayurvedic Herbal Oils not only moisturizes the body but also helps in detoxyfying it. Regular Oil massages also improves flexibility of the body. Yoga is the recommended complimentary activity for detoxification and maintenance of good health. When you do the two together as has been proposed and described by Herbal Mystique, you get synergistic benefit. Herbal Mystique Yoga Massage is convenient as it can be done before the morning shower in the washroom and it takes just 15 minutes. It is not tiring which makes it easy to stick to doing it everyday and it actually give you energy to face the busy and demanding day ahead.Use Herbal Mystique Body Massage Oil which is suitable for everyone right from infants to seniors. In case you are looking for solutions for specific problems, you have to consult our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach to diagnose your ‘problems’ (dosha aggravations), who would determine the Oil suitable for the purpose. Call or write to to book your Detox appointment.


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 Start your Yoga Massage with the navel and move both hands in circles gradually increasing the radius. Massage for 1 min.  Move to the chest area around the heart and massage in circle slowly moving to cover the entire chest. Move both arms together. Massage for 1 min.
 Start around the sacrum, the seat of Vata, massaging in clockwise circles. This is also a good stretching exercise for the shoulders, back, elbows, wrists and fingers. Massage for 2 min.  Yoga Massage the back moving both hand together as shown above to the extent possible. Massage for 2 min.
 Yoga Massage the arms in one long stroke from the neck to the tip of the fingers. Try to achieve 30 – 40 strokes at a stretch to generate heat which will facilitate oil penetration. Massage for 2 min.  Spread the legs and massage the legs keeping the back straight. Feel the stretch in the hamstrings. As you get more flexible try to touch your chin to the knees keeping the head up. Massage for 2 min. (contd. to point 7) Excellent for the back, hamstrings, hip joint, knees.
 Yoga Massage both the legs in long strokes starting from the hips to the toes. Initially try to massage till the ankles only. Do not bend your back or try to stretch it too much initially. Massage for 2 min.  Raise one leg to rest on an elevated surface about the height of the waist. It could be the washroom vanity counter. Massage as shown above. Keep the other leg straight. As you gain flexibility, try to touch the chin to the knees while massaging. Excellent for the hip joint, knees, hamstring, ankles. Massage for 1 min each leg.
 Now that you have massaged the oil all over the body, stretch forward and maintain the stretched position for a minimum of 35 seconds. Slowly straighten up.  It is mandatory to do a Backward stretch after doing a forward stretch. Stretch backwards slowly keeping the back straight and pushing the waist forward.Stretch back to the extent possible comfortably. Maintain position for 35 seconds and slowly come back to straight position. Bend forward to 30 degrees angle for 5 sec and come back to straight position.