Herbal Mystique is here …

By Dr. Nafisa J, Aptekar

I was a huge fan of a “large skin care products company” till one day Shilpa came to the clinic to tell me about these new products she was marketing. I was out of supplies just then so I went to Ebenezer Road in Brampton to pick up a new pack.
Two months later, I have been getting compliments:not cruel ones like crow feet and wrinkles are less prominent but genuine ones so I felt it was time to let Superior Star’s readers know about this awesome discovery.

The unique aspect of Herbal Mystique is that it is based on the ‘science’ of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. It is not touted as an instant remedy and requires a bit of effort to use. The key message is – Cleanse, Nourish and Protect (CNP). There is the Cleanser and Face Scrub to Cleanse, the Facial Massage Oil and Face Mask  to Nourish and the Toner and Facial Moisturizer to Protect.

So one cleanses at bedtime with Cleanser followed by toner and the Moisturizer. You start your day nourishing your skin with the Facial Massage Oil on the face 10-15 minutes before showering complemented by Toner after the wash and application of moisturiser and then sunscreen. The scrub can be used every second or third day ending with a massage oil, scrub and mask as part of the facial on the weekend.

Why is this routine so essential?

As we age, the skin tissue slowly loses its power toregenerate and bounce back from stress and neglect as it didwhen we were in the teens and twenties. Pollution and thestresses of modern life also contribute to this entropy. Proper CNP routine is therefore necessary to halt a lot of prematureaging issues like wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, dryness, etc. An effective gentle scrub along with nourishment for the dermis, connective tissue and facial muscle layer (deeper layers of the skin) can help in most cases.

Also since we all have different skin types, viz., Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive, Mature, Acne-prone, etc., it is essential that one uses the products that suit ones skin type. Herbal Mystique gives the user that flexibility with their offerings for the most common three skin types – Dry, Normal and Oily.

There is always a small risk of minor side effects with any skin products one may use. Do a patch test first. The other important aspect is to consider how a skin care product acts. Does it force changes on the skin as is the case with many chemical peels and cosmetic agents or does it work in harmony with the physiological processes of the skin to restore health? The ‘balancing’ mode of action of the centuries old Ayurvedic herbal formulations is in sync with nature.

It is interesting to note what is old: tested and tried is also now in vogue with the go green movement aimed at salvaging the environment: advertisers and even TV shows espouse us to go green: and what could be a more fun way to go green than the Herbal Mystique way!!

Disclaimer: This article represents the author’s personal opinions and in no way reflects her professional scope of practice.

Nafisa J. Aptekar is a family physician practising in Brampton, Canada. For more info. call (647) 274-9770 or write to info@herbalmystique.ca

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