Dosha Quiz to determine your dosha type

This quick dosha quiz will give you an idea about your dosha type. Ayurvedic therapies are typically individualized to treat specific dosha aggravations and hence should be started after a consultation with an ayurvedic practitioner or an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach. Ayurvedic herbs are very potent and should be used with caution. Herbal Mystique offers a subsidized economical Consulting service which is very affordable. Please call 647-274-9770 for more information and to book your appointment.

This dosha quiz is a good resource to begin the process of self understanding. Please refer to the articles section to know more about doshas and therapies.

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Fill in the form below by selecting the option that best fits you for each of the 10 characteristics and click submit.We will get back to you with your dosha analysis and advise from our Panchakarma expert ASAP.

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You can also find out your Dosha constitution by taking the Dosha quiz below.

Select the option that best fits you for each of the 10 characteristics and give 1 point each. adding up the points will tell you your dominant dosha. For example, if you have answered ‘V’ – 6 times, ‘P’ – 3 times and ‘K’ – 1 time, your dominant dosha would be Vata dosha followed by Pitta.

What to do with your Dosha Quiz results ?

The results of the dosha quiz are an indicator of your dominant dosha. As in the example above, if you find that you have prominence of Vata dosha, you should use a Vata pacifying body massage oil at least twice a week as per instructions in this article on Abhyanga Massage.

If you are unsure about your doshas, Herbal Mystique offers Tridosha ( 3 doshas) balancing products too which are suitable for all doshas, such as Body Massage Oil for all doshas.

Dosha Quiz