Lower Back Pain is the most common problem that most people come to seek solution for, followed by upper back pain, neck pain, pain in legs, etc.

In Ayurveda the root cause for these problems in most cases is “Vata aggravation”. Care has to be taken to rule out Pitta or Kapha aggravations or if present, appropriate modification to the treatment has to be made.

Vata dosha is one of the 3 entities that governs the functioning of the body and controls all Movement in the body. Since Vata has predominance of the Space and Air elements, its most important quality is “dryness”.

Let me try to explain how aggravated Vata contributes to Back ache – Disturbed Vata leads to increased dryness in tissues which leads to shrinking and loss of flexibility in the muscles and connective tissue. Aggravated Vata can cause an imbalance in the energy flow in the body which could lead to an increase in pressure on the vertebral column from the inside. These two issues, together, lead to an increase in the pressure on the nerves, which results in pain.

Many clients have benefited from the Detox procedure and have managed to either rid themselves of these problems or have minimized it to a great extent. And all this can be achieved without taking any oral medicines.

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