Aloe vera gel for acne

How to use Aloe vera gel for Acne care

Aloe vera gel for acneHerbalists have recommended Aloe vera gel for Acne care and general skin care for a long time now. Aloe vera (or Kumari as its called in Ayurveda) is a cactus like plant with thick and fleshy leaves. These leaves contain the gel with wonderful benefit for the skin, hair and overall health of the body. The earliest records of the use of Aloe vera appear as early as 16th century BC.

Properties of Aloe vera that benefit skin :

  1. Soothing and reduces redness and inflammation – helps in acne and sunburn
  2. Cell growth stimulation leading to faster healing – heals acne faster
  3. Boosts collagen production – helps in maintaining skin elasticity and youthful look
  4. Anti-microbial effect – helps in acne treatment (very mild effect)

Does Aloe vera gel help in treating acne?

YES, Aloe vera gel helps in the treatment of acne when used with other acne treating ingredients, but used by itself will do little for acne. As we have seen in the section on aloe vera benefits for the skin, Aloe vera gel has excellent soothing and inflammation reducing properties. One of the biggest issues in acne is the inflammation, itching and pain that pushes people to scratch the acne or squeeze it. This leads to further spread of acne and development of scars. regular use of aloe vera gel will prevent this from happening. Further, aloe vera gel also helps in faster cell growth and wound healing which helps heal the acne faster.

For use of aloe vera gel for acne care, I would recommend adding a good dose of a known acne fighting agent such as neem, tea tree, calendula extract or benzoyl peroxide. This would make it a well rounded acne treatment gel.

How do I make Aloe vera gel for acne care at home?

You can buy aloe vera leaves in grocery stores or buy the aloe vera plant and cut pieces of the leaf as and when required. aloe vera leaf has throns on its edges, so its better to cut the thorny edges off first. Carefully peel the skin from both sides. Make sure that you let go the¬†yellowish sap like gel sticking to the leaf skin as it contains ‘aloin’ which may irritate the skin. Use the thick portion of leaves to ensure easy¬†separation.

Blend the white gel (the you get from the centre of the leaf) and use as required. Store in refrigerator and use within 7 days.

Separating the safe part of the aloe gel may not be always easy and then there is always the issue of having the time to do it every few days. An easier way around is to use the Aloe vera gel with Neem and tea tree that Herbal Mystique offers in convenient 100 ml tubes.

A word of caution : Aloe vera gel may cause skin dryness and should always be accompanied with an appropriate herbal moisturizer depending on your skin type. Aloe Turmeric cream is a good moisturizer which is recommended for all skin types to be used with Neem gel.

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