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 Natural Skin Care Products

WNatural Skin carehy is using natural skin care products so critical? Skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs a lot of substances that are applied on it. Some artificially synthesized ingredients are not just absorbed but also start accumulating in the skin. Some are absorbed in the circulation and reach other places in the body too. This could lead to unwanted and dangerous consequences such as allergies, rash, changes in metabolism and hormonal levels and could even lead to cancer.

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There are a lot of legislations in place in North America and Europe to ensure only the safe ingredients are used in cosmetics, but the risk of exposure to harmful ingredients is still quite high and real. Use of natural or naturally derived ingredients as much as possible, reduces this risk greatly. Another important consideration is the purity of ingredients used. Sometimes the artificial ingredient used, such as a preservative may not be harmful, but if it’s not of a high purity level, the contaminants in it could lead to problems.

Herbal Mystique uses natural, safe and time tested ingredients in their formulations to create a balance between efficacy and safety. These are unique products where the benefits of herbs and natural ingredients have been amplified using modern technology and have been getting rave reviews from customers. Lets hear what some of them have to say –

“My daughter and I have been using the Skin clearing Neem Gel for almost 2 years now and we just love it. … with its all natural ingredients, it’s the safest thing out there… price is great too… if you have acne or oily skin, you have to try it… “ – Shelley Prater, Oakville

“your Aloe Face wash is excellent… I have sensitive skin and had a rash on my face… using this face wash made it go away… it’s very mild but does good cleansing and smells so good…” – Shara, Mississauga

“I am a big fan of your Visibly Fair cream… shows good results in 2 weeks …” – Anu, Scarborough

“I have sensitive skin and not many skin creams suit my skin. I used Herbal Mystique Aloe Turmeric Cream and loved it … it cleared my skin and feels good” – Sunita, TV host, Mississauga

What’s unique and special about the Herbal Mystique products?

  1. Unique : Potent herbs popular in the East; not tried much in the WestNatural Skin Care Products
  2. They Work and are Safe : Proven efficacy and safety, documented for at least 2000 years
  3. New Formulation approach : Fusion of Ancient Ayurveda with modern technology
  4. New Product types : such as Hair Revitalizer gel which improves hair and scalp health, head massage Herbal oil, Neem based Acne treatment and Oil control gel
  5. Economical, yet are bench marks in safety – all products are Paraben, Paraffin, PEG, Pthalate and Artificial colors FREE
  6. Very Safe : All products conform to Health Canada, US FDA and EU cosmetics guidelines
  7. High Quality and Ethical standards : manufactured in GMP compliant facilities, are eco-friendly and follow fair trade practices.